Khalil Mamoon - World Cup Trophy Hookah - Ice Bucket

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Khalil Mamoon Horse Special Edition Hookah Set - 100% Genuine or money back Set includes - Base cleaning brush - Stem cleaning brush - Tongs - Hose - Clay Bowl Sales ends on 10th of January 2019
Khalil Mamoon World Cup Trophy Hookah Move over World Cup, the Trophy edition is here. Standing one inch taller 35" than it's little brother, the Trophy features the same eloquent, handmade mystique that we've come to expect out of a Khalil Mamoon hookah. Chill Out A Premium Ice Bucket The World Cup Trophy comes complete with an ice chamber that will allow you to chill the hookah smoke simply by adding ice cubes to it. As the smoke flows from the bowl down the stem, it passes through the icy chamber cooling the smoke for your enjoyment and adding to the already fantastic hookah session. As always, this is another quality Khalil Mamoon hookah handmade with unique etchings featured on the stainless-steel shaft, hub, and ice chamber. Khalil Mamoon World Cup Trophy Specs: Height: 35 Inches Hose: Khalil Mamoon hose 65 inches. Base: Glass Khalil Mamoon Base with silver stripes. Bowl: Egyptian clay bowl An important thing to remember with Khalil Mamoon hookahs is that every single one is made by hand, not machine made and mass produced. This means there will be differences in etchings, welding spots, the finish, etc. These variations will not alter the excellent quality smoke sessions we've come to expect from Khalil Mamoon hookahs.
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