Black Flask Night Hookah

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Black Flask Night Hookah is made of brass and come with full accessories Black Flask Night Hookah is made by Old Nights Hookah Factory. Hookah information: • Hookah Name : Black Flask Night • Stem Material: Brass • Stem Length: 65 CM • Tray Material: Brass • Vase Material: Glass Exclusively available at Shishaland. ****View 2nd image***
Old Nights is a hookah brand that was created to revive the true art and experience of our serene evenings. Old Nights creates the same Egyptian hookahs as experienced by our ancestors over 200 years ago, but with the high quality standards of consumers today. Old Nights' team is dedicated to improving all aspects of our hookah productions to deliver an unparalleled smoking experience along with intricate hookah art designs. From the smallest accessories to the core parts of the hookahs, we constantly strive to deliver the best market value and quality in comparison to all other hookah brands in the market.
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