Everyone enjoys their shisha experience in a different way. Some love small hints of flavour with an overwhelming tobacco aroma while others love full-flavored hookah experiences that don’t remind them of nicotine at all. Shisha lovers usually go through a lot of experimenting and tasting to find the perfect mix of tastes and aromas to complement their smoking experience.

If you are new to this world, here are some tips that you should consider while purchasing hookah flavours in NZ:

Know the product

Before you start throwing your shisha tobacco into a bowl to experiment with flavour mixing, you must understand the product you are using. Each tobacco brand has its own unique traits and will require you to follow specific precautions while you mix different flavour combinations to create your own unique blend. Try and use shisha tobacco flavours with the same heat requirements or else they will never truly burn together to create the blended smoky aromas that you are after. Or you can use a trusted name like Al Fakher to enjoy a consistent flavour profile each time you smoke up.

Know flavour profiles

While your choice of Hookah flavours in NZ will be a hugely personal decision, it cannot hurt to learn about which option goes well with what. Some powerful, tried and tested combinations include mint and rose, apple and rose, mint and melon, lemon and orange, strawberry and banana, cherry and cola and of course, chocolate and coconut. Once you get used to these basic combos, you may start venturing out into the world of the more out there flavours like cardamom, bubble-gum and more.

Know your preferences

In the end, shisha smoking is an experience that YOU should be able to enjoy. No guide or rules can tell you what flavour combo will end up giving you a high that you will like. So don’t be afraid to make a few mistakes and do a little guess work. And remember, if you don’t like a flavour profile in other places, you wouldn’t like it in your shisha too. This one fact will give you enough insights to fine tune your choices when it comes to hookah flavours in NZ.

Hope the above guide will help you in purchasing the right Hookah flavours for your next shisha experience.