You see, the hookah world didn’t want to be outshone by the vaping trend that was catching on so fast with the newbie stoners. So those amazing product designers out there went ahead and pulled out some of the yummiest hookah flavours and packed them in ultra-convenient travel tubes, giving you the power to smoke up a hookah without the hookah. And that is how the shisha pen was born. So, if you haven’t yet caught on to the amazing shisha pen craze in NZ yet, here is everything you would want to know about it.

The e-shisha or shisha pen is an electronic instrument, much similar to the e-cigarettes and vaping pens that you see in the hands of millennials all around you. The working of the device is pretty simple. There is a battery inside that operates the device. It is filled with e-shisha juice – a liquid that promises the same taste and feel as that of your favourite traditional hookah flavour. The atomizer in the shisha pen heats up this liquid using power from the battery and turns it into smoke which can then be inhaled by the smoker like a regular hookah experience. No coals, no mess or burns, no instructions needed at all!

Shisha pens in NZ are available in reusable as well as disposable varieties. You can carry it around in your pocket or purse which makes it an extremely convenient way to enjoy a hookah session. And the best part – shisha pen smoke doesn’t contain the harmful substances known to cause cancer and body harm that are part and parcel with regular hookahs. The liquid for these pens is also available with and without nicotine variants which will also help you in giving up your addictions, if that’s what you are currently battling with. And you can enjoy the amazing aromas and flavours of a hookah without exposing yourself to the harm that a conventional session can cause to your body.

Now that does sound fun! Go ahead and try the new shisha pens in NZ. You will definitely love the experience they can give you.