A hookah is an instrument that produces flavoured smoke using tobacco and charcoal. It has a long pipe to draw from, a water tank, a charcoal stand and a long neck. The way it functions requires the user to draw long breaths through the pipe, sucking in the smoke that is produced in it. However, with inhalation action involved, there can be leaks in a traditional hookah instrument. Air leaks directly translate into smoke not being pure and being diluted. This makes the experience less fun than it should be. Therefore, you should consider modernizing your lounge with hookah rubber grommets.

What are hookah rubber grommets?

Rubber grommets are special gaskets made of rubber that are meant to seal all the joints in a hookah instrument. They are installed between the body and the bowl, between the water tank and the body’s gasket, and between the hose and the body. With all the joints sealed, there is less probability of leaks in a hookah instrument.

Not all hookah users make use of grommets, typically because one popular makeshift arrangement that serves the same purpose – tape. However, tapes are short-lived and not as effective. Use of grommets is certain to give you a better hookah experience than the use of makeshift arrangements to make the instrument work.

Using grommets will maximize the amount of smoke you breathe in through the hookah. Using a traditional instrument without grommets may not feel as delightful as using the modernized version with grommets attached to it. Try it out today!