In the past decade, the world has seen an increasing interest in vaping. Well, smoking off a hookah pipe isn’t something new to our culture. It has been an exotic practice since ages. The Romans were fond of it, the royal Egyptians gave a luxurious twist to it and in Mesopotamia, and hookah was a part of social gatherings. Even today, you don’t quite smoke a hookah alone. Vaping is fun when you are passing on the pipe among friends; it’s a social activity that is fun and addictive.

The origins of the modern hookah actually traces back to India, around the 15th century AD when the East India Company introduced glass manufacturing in the country. Before that, vaping was done by traditional means but glass gave rise to the word, as we love it – Shisha (meaning glass). From India, Shisha travelled to Iran who added the first flavors to the raw tobacco. As it rose to a higher fame in the Ottoman Empire, Shisha became a symbol of status and became a part of every royal meeting and dinner.

Today, we have made longer strides in the art of hookah vape, both as manufacturers and aficionados. At our disposition are thousands of varieties in Shisha designs and tobacco flavors (Ajami, as the Iranians termed it). Vaping however is more of a modern term but with the same roots. The early Egyptians carved hollow stones to vape herbs. Today, vaping involves one of the most socially acceptable addictions – tobacco. The oriental devices continue to fascinate smokers all across the globe. Amsterdam was obviously the place for the modern vaping to start and even today, it remains the Capital!

The needs of the modern man and with the help of technology, we have come to invest a variety of vaping devices, including battery powered e-vaporizers. However, it does take away the charm of the “gurgling” sound that a Shisha vape offers. Vaping, we would like to clarify, need not be addictive but it should be fun when you do it.

Check out online hookah stores, where a huge product line is available when it comes to vaping devices. Choose from a variety of hookah pipes and Shisha designs. You can check for personalized designs and our craftsmen ensure that you get the experience you deserve. Consequently, if you are a smoker or are willing to try a Shisha for the first time, then it will be real fun.