Hookah is a part of certain people’s lifestyle. For those who love it, hookah is a culture that they follow. And when something takes up such a prominent position in your life, it is obvious that you would only want the very best of everything for it. So, dear hookah lovers, if you really wish to enjoy the best smoke and the strongest flavour from your next hookah experience, make sure you get top quality hookah pipes to go with your shisha assembly. The market has many options to offer, each one with a different feature for you to experience and different compatibility parameters for you to consider. So, let’s explore the latest range of hookah pipes that you can buy from to enrich your shisha experience:

First, let’s consider the classic Egyptian hookah pipe. Brands like Khalil Mamoon is the most popular option to buy here. The product consists of a straight and simple piece of pipe with an outer metal shell that has been spun and formed on a lathe. The management of smoke is purely handled by the pipe while the outer metal shell is present to enhance strength and provide stunning aesthetics to your hookah assembly. This one is definitely one of the most popular choice for hookah pipes out there.

Next, you have the glass hookah pipe that is made to be strong, resilient yet elegant and refined. It provides the most authentic hookah flavour while retaining the natural smokiness of the charcoal while avoiding the inadvertent mixing of the rubbery feel of regular pipes. These pipes are designed to bring a level of sophistication and style to the overall hookah experience and will look positively regal in your hand when you are smoking it.

Then, you have the brass hookah pipe like Mya Saray that are made from cast solid brass that is beautiful to use and offers a clean and refreshing hookah experience to smokers. These pipes are the longest lasting variety in the market and are pretty easy to clean and maintain as well. Although the cost of these hookah pipes will be slightly on the higher side, but the experience you will get from using the same will make the investment totally worth it.

So what do you say – ready to get the best hookah pipe for your shisha assembly? Order one today!