Modern-day hookah carries with it a long history. Believed to have been created in India in the 1500s, the Hookah was invented as a healthier alternative to smoking tobacco. What was the thought behind it? Tobacco, when passing through water, gets purified.

Though its origins are believed to be in India, the Hookah is well traveled.  And with its travel stories, it also went through a process of evolution and adaptation. In fact, what we know and completely love as the hookah today, actually took shape in Turkey in the 17th century, where it was mostly enjoyed by the intellectuals and members of the upper class. They were the ones to add a touch of sophistication to the humble water pipe by making it larger, adding more elements of glass and brass to the structure instead of wood and engraving intricate paintings to enhance its beauty.

As you may already know, smoking hookah is an event in itself. It requires a certain planning, accessories, and effort. It has various parts to it like the base, bowl, pipes/hoses, mouth tips and the shisha (the tobacco or flavor that you will be smoking), which need assembling.

Glass bongs are great hookah accessories too. They are slightly smaller than the average hookah size and are much more portable in nature. Glass bongs in NZ can be your perfect bet if there aren’t too many people, but you’re still looking for a session of hookah. Glass bongs also create a thick smoke which many of you love so much. Glass bongs are also much easier to clean than the regular full-size hookahs, where the pipes tend to clog or get dirty. Bongs are a much better bet if the substance that you’re looking to smoke is cannabis.

Go for a glass bong because glass is heat resistant, transparent and gifted with the possibility of shaped and colored in so many different ways. They can add the quirk that you need to your collection of hookah accessories. Additionally, glass helps in reducing the unwanted flavors in the smoke, leaving you with only the best.

There is a wide range that you can choose from and prices range from reasonable to expensive, depending on the kind of quality you go for and the brands you choose. Take a little bit of care and a glass bong can last you through a lifetime of hookah sessions.